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Ceed for education

Introducing the world's first fully integrated school erp platform

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Our Main Features


The operating style of our software is exceptional and this has made it fetched the school recognition of how an ERP system can be designed.


We have a responsive customer service department that works all round the clock to provide best solutions to contribute to their work progress.


Ceed ERP software is gadget encompassing. Devices such as Tablet, Android, iOS and Windows all respond positively to the software.


Realizing all the practical challenges needed to face in the running of a school has made us go the best experience in your choice of work.

Why choose CEED?

CEED for Education is an ERP software developed by the company COD Factory, which runs out of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. CEED has been developed with a clear grasp of the complexities of the daily activities in a school and has been well-equipped to handle any task with high stability. CEED integrate every school functions, stores, monitor and provide real-time access to information such as registration, finance, and human resource. CEED flawlessly facilitates the information flow within your educational institution.

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Best ERP for your school

CEED has been envisioned in such a way that it is able to track every institutional activity on a daily basis and solve any issue the system encounters from time to time. It helps in improving and organizing the portfolio of teachers, students, and staff without any hassle.

The few core features of CEED School Management Platform include automating the entire admission process, maintaining student and staff data and make fee collection, payroll and other financial transactions hassle-free. CEED is equipped with the capacity to generate examination report cards with cent per cent accuracy in no time. A facility to track the school bus your child travel in is also available in the software. The CEED facilitates a human-friendly platform for parents, staff and teachers to get in touch with each other from the comfort of your own space and time. This further enables the school management in maintaining noble relationships with both parents and other stakeholders.

How it works

More about CEED?

The CEED software acts as a strong and secure online payment platform for the parents to remit their child’s fees. Electronically generated progress cards and attendance records of their children can be easily accessed by the parents. CEED helps to create, store and retrieve student profiles which gives a comprehensive idea of the student, his\her strengths and weakness, academic progress. The software also enables the schools to monitor the students, teachers and students individually and gather a clear picture of their overall performance. The software is agile and its functions can be customized according to the requirements of the institution.

CEED Education software has been designed to engage teachers and parents with less expertise required to efficiently accomplish a task. It uses a simple & easy interface for your teachers and parents to use without any problem. Thus CEED functions as a comprehensive school management software bundled with user-friendly dashboards, easy navigation and well-structured reports.

The CEED for Education is the best ERP software available to make your tedious tasks an effortless affair.

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Paying school fee online

Ceed lifts the burdens associated with fee collections in saving the time spent on administrative activities by offering a reliable, convenient and secure tool that can manage it all for you without any additional cost.

Attendence records & result sheets

The comprehensive section records the dates on which the faculty or students went on leave. This would give greater relevance in salary calculations for staffs or performance evaluation for students.

Get images & videos of student activity in school

A picture speaks a thousand words! And you can get your students speaking just as many by using pictures in class. Check out these fun and engaging communicative activities.

Quickest Parent-Teacher communication

Maintaining parent-teacher communication throughout the school year is the key to student success. Keep them informed about their child is doing in school.

Easy & Effective Office Administration

Rapidly changing technology mean that job roles today are very different from those encountered few years ago. But administration is made simple and doesn't require the relevant knowledge.

Environmental Paperless Process

Every year, across the country, schools are wasting thousands of rupees on an unnecessary and often invisible cost on Paper. Going paperless can help reduce the costs associated with storage, disaster recovery, risk, and process inefficiencies.