About us

Who we are?

CodFactory Pvt. Ltd. is a company based out of Trivandrum which provides quality digital services. The company was born out of the vision and sheer determination of Mr Don Shaju. The company is well armed with a group of skilled engineers with exceptional technical knowledge and experience in handling the latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies. We, at CodFactory, also provide services like billing software, website development, open source software and IOT-based automation services along with online tutorials. We are constantly growing, keeping ourselves updated with the latest advancements, with a vision to respond to new challenges and growing demands from our clients.

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Why us?

We strictly adhere to our policy of providing quality services and we are committed to providing the same. We believe data security is of paramount importance in this data-driven age and we at CodFactory make sure we provide robust, secure and efficient services for our esteemed clients.

How it works