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  • Academics Management

    Academics Management will provide your institution better expansion and helps in building efficient flow of process, it will lead your administration to the form of simplicity and assist in transforming into digitized structure than the usual tedious and manual admin work.

    Our Interactive web based ERP module is integrated with all the academic features of Education management with various learning and teaching tools that are focused on students result.

    Students can perform better with the help of organized syllabus and lesson planning, that allows the easy communication between teachers, parents and students.It is designed to support the institutes for not only improvement in administrative workflows, but also to enhance the students at different stages of their learning journey.

  • Office Management

    Ceed Learning Platform streamlines front-office operations and ensures thorough visitor management.

  • Payroll Management

    CEED Education management is designed to provide integrated tools for Payroll Management. It has all the features and functionality, which can manage and handle any School payroll structure. It has a smart prospect helps in automatically create tasks, release scheduled payments, generate reports/payslips, maintain and manage bills and a large number of payouts easily. It is easy to understand the complex financial calculations and also derives very significant function in corporate world, it enables sophisticated and more international platform for the global business and trade. In the recent years, digitisation has changed the world economic growth, thus payroll is one of the most profit acquiring module. It helps in analytics to understand the different payment methods that are used by various institutes.

    Paying workers reliably and with no delays, certainly increase their confidence, also it emulates the organization's money related dependability. Additionally, it is a kind of necessity for maintaining with government and state laws. While this is an intricate procedure, having an effective framework streamlines and bring together the payroll method. The process alludes to the administration of an employee's monetary records which includes the salaries, compensation, bonuses and final net pay.

    The payroll management is one of the most used software that has ever built for the corporate world, it creates a better solutions for different organization. They implement this system for the advancement of future organization goals. According to the survey conducted by Global Payroll, it stated that almost 60% of the organization implements the payroll management in their organization, as they understand the potentials of eliminating irregular paychecks and payment of tax from the top level authorities.

  • Finance Management

    Educational institutes such as Schools are usually recognized as charitable organization. Thus the purpose of Ceed Education management is to help in promoting, developing and enhancing the quality of educational services with the support of financial management. Mostly the educational institutes are managed as non-profit organization, which leads to negligence in financial aspects. It needs to have persistent growth with adequate funds for the development and the infrastructure needs. Thus, there should be standardized and smooth financial management in every educational institute whether it is profit or non-profit organization. It have very different point of view for finance management, as they believe that its mainly to manage funds and other basic activities for the development and handling of the institutes. It is more focused and centralized in systematic way for development and acquisition of funds. Finance management is used to stabilize the financial position of the organization.

    Educational institutes wants to have proper financial information and survival tactics in a competitive environment. Major success depends on ability to collect and use financial information in true sense. Institutes that are maintained well, contains right set of required financial information. Certain rules, laws and procedures are very well defined in educational institute with the help of financial decision making.

  • Library Management

    The module ensures a quick issue and return policy. It helps librarians and students to search for the desired book and reserve it if needed. This automatic process keeps the whole procedure free from manual errors. Also, the library module provides a customised membership policy that enables staff and students to avail different memberships as per their individual requirements.

  • Transport Management

    Transport Management plays crucial role in Schools. Admin have all the rights to add different transport vehicles with driver details like Name, Vehicle no, License no and Driver's phone no. It can Assign and Manage different Routes to different Drivers with mentioned Vehicle no. This module will give detailed analyses about Transport Allocation. It uses multiple features to inform the user about the exact vehicle location at any given point of time. The system can be customised according to the students size and accordingly different schedules are made to plan the efficient routes to Pick and drop the students on time. As we use transportation system in the real time environment it gives more effective results.

  • One-Click Assessment Generator

    This module offers complete performance of a student or a class or the insitution respectively.

  • Admissions Process

    The Admission / Enrollment Process involves lot of activities that contain things like, creating and designing form, provide those forms to the students, selecting the students according to the Institute's criteria, collect payment of fees etc. which may results in errors or delays with affecting the process cost and time. Thus, CEED Education Management provides the feature of Online Admission / Enrollment Process, which will help the Institute in direct and Instant Registration Process.

    Every year there are numbers of students pursuing to Apply For Admission in the various Academic Institutes (School). Creating the tremendous pressure on the administration of the institutes to manually handle and manage the admission process. It becomes very difficult and complex process to conduct in timely and accurate manner.

    Therefore, According to the market demand and needs our developer created the feature of Online Admission and Enrollment Process. During the admission period the Institute management team gets a complex task of handling the enrollment process. There is a sense of urgency to leave the manual traditional process of enrollment behind, and enhance the procedure of Admissions / Enrollment with Digital Online Student Application System to optimize and make process simple and easy. The online admission / Enrollment system integrates the technology with the Institutes which will be helpful for both the institution and students.

  • Leave Management

    Leave module simplifies and expedites the leave applications and approval process. With the help of this module, each school can have a unique leave policy which can be customised based on department, role and other parameters.

  • Student Management

    Student Management System is capable to handle considerable amount of big student data and provides accurate information. It is built for the common interest of students, also Teachers and Principal can guide the students in the Process of Registration and their Admissions. Allocating them Class, Section, Tasks, Assignments and Class Notes, to analyse and Assess the Student Performance as well as Teacher's performance in teaching diverse Subjects and Courses, the system is also built with the purpose of tracking Students Daily Attendance and manage their Academics, Tasks, Events, Leaves Learning Management System (LML) using the system. Moreover, Students will also learn about new generation technologies with their daily academic activities with simple architecture and easy to understand user interface for students.

  • Staff Management

    An Staff Management consists of very significant staff's work and personal information. It is system which provides easy and simple access to all the academic features on single platform. Staffs are the only reason for the growth of any business or institute. It needs to be enhanced and elaborated for the development of the employees. It contains Educational details, work experience, salary and contact information, work schedule through time table management. Such database makes source of information of employees readily available to the admin head of the Institute.

    It allows to create and add Staff name, code and mobile number in which department's staff are allocated to work, admin can assign and manage staff's current position. The job application form with all the information for the recruitment of teachers is integrated in the system, which will contain personal details, contact details, academic details, professional experience and details with previous employment informations. This will give the staff list with their name, code, department, designation, contact number and employee's image.

  • Class Management

    Here class can be created or deleted.

  • Class Teacher Assign

    In this module admin can assign class to staff.

  • Subjects

    In this module admin can create subjects for each class.

  • Fee Management & Online Payment

    Admin can handle and manage all the fee related institutional activities. They can also add the type of fee payment, with different mode of payment like cash, Cheque or visa cards.

    Fee Setting list will give all the details of the students who already paid there fees or of those students who haven't paid which will make late fees payment penalty. It will also show in which stream students are studying. Admin can also assign the fees head for different sections.

    The most important feature of the Fees management is Fees Collection, when the student will give the fees to the school admin, it will add all the details like : Admission number or mobile number, with other details like stream, class, section and student name. After receiving and filling up the fees collection form it will show the fees paid status for the particular student.

  • Streamlined Examination and Report Generation

    Any type of examination structure, including the number of terms and assessments for each class, can be easily designed using the Ceed Learning Platform. The solution helps schools create their personalised report cards for each student. To keep the parents aware of their ward's academic performances, notifications are sent on a regular basis.

  • Marks

    All internal or external marks are added and evaluate here. Evaluation is done on the basis of a student or a class or school respectively.

  • Progress Card

    In this module progress card is generated and viewed.

  • Online Exam

    Examination times are the busiest for each school. Ceed eases the task of online examination processes in schools. The online examination management system handles crucial operations like defining class-wise examination schemes, grading/passing criteria, paper evaluation, and final report card generation, etc and simplifies the exam-related tasks of faculty.

  • Online Class

    Online Class creates a real classroom-like teaching-learning environment at home. It also enables teachers to monitor all students in the class using the Live Monitoring feature.

  • Student Assessments

    In this module admin can assess the performance of a student or the performance of a class.

  • Assignment

    Assignment module is a great way of reinforcing what has been taught to a student. The admin can view the assignments completed by the students.

  • Events

    In this module admincan generate new events occuring in the school.

  • Notice

    Here admin can generate notice for all the users.

  • Promote Students

    in this module admin can promote students to higher class.

  • Alumini

    In this module admin can manage alumini of staff and student.

  • Drops

    This module helps to manage the droped students.

  • Batch

    In this module admin can create and delete batches.

  • User Management

    In this module admin can create user and assign various roles for various users.

  • Attendance Management

    This component is highly accurate in reporting daily attendance of Employees and Students. The Attendance can be marked by different Departments, Class and Section, which can be later analysed or checked by the system admin, teachers or principal for any scrutiny or errors.

    The CEED Education Management helps to synchronize all the user devices so that the attendance data can be marked by any available device with daily integrated backup to the server. Thus, the user mark their attendance from mobile devices, and create the daily backup for attendance data. It also provides the feature to create and customize the attendance report accordingly. Upload all the attendance information with every entry created and consolidate it with the attendance module.

  • Instant Reports and Analytics

    This feature gives detailed reports on overall student performance based on learning time, assessment scores and ERP data. It offers a comprehensive view of both individual and class performances in real-time and facilitates the creation of personalised report cards by using default templates.

  • Effortless Timetable Management

    Scheduling Time table made simple and efficient with the Ceed Education Management. It is the most basic necessity for planning and development of students in various School, also this helps in allocating precise timings to each subject to teach the students. Class timings in the school are limited and hence it needs to be managed with proper time planning and time management. It can be used to assign new class or also to cancel the class timings, thus enabling the better capable way to save time and energy of the students. In over all matter of time various subjects and classes are assigned according to their need of allocation with the help of this feature. It can be also used to assign different practical and theoretical classes which will increase the productivity and efficiency of the students.

  • Substitution Timetable

    Scheduling emergency Time table for one day when the staffs are not available.

  • Documents Management

    All types of documents are added and viewed here.