Library Module

This module helps librarians and students automatic process keeps the whole procedure free from manual errors.

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  • Library Management

    We serve this Library Management module not only to any school but also on individual basis to other libraries who are willing to follow the modern technique of managing work efficiently. It is easily accessible and can be understood well. Maintaining the record of all the books via register/muster is very complicated and time-consuming.

  • Issue Books

    The module ensures a quick issue and return policy. It helps librarians to handle all the process very easily

  • Books Collection

    Keep record of complete information of a book like; Book name, Author name, Publisher's name, Date/Year of publication, Cost of the book, Book purchasing date/Bill no.

  • Fine Due List

    Library Management System module shows the date and time of issue of particular book by a student. Its due date of submission is also mentioned online, making it easier for the librarian to determine the due dates and fine amount.