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CEED Platform is an out-of-the-box school management solution that improves academic efficiency and enhances school operations by integrating the best of both traditional and digital methods.

  • Admin Platform

    The system administrator of Schools and Colleges have large number of data of students and staff, which make it very complicated to organize and manage. Ceed provides digital admin system that can be used in Schools. It can be very helpful in making decision on the basis of collected bulk information from the institutes. They are used to supervise and monitor the performance of all the student's through daily reports and academic management module. It provides different reports to staff and parents respectively. The administration will have a record of all the student's data including their full name, address and parent's information along with the emergency contact numbers. Similarly, the institution should have the employee's detail information. Previously, they used paper-based index system to store their employees details. But now, Ceed have changed the concept of paperwork. It stores their full details in database system with efficient retrieval system for the same. Managing the hefty data of Schools is quite difficult because the population of schools keeps on changing every year, as the young students comes and older moves on.

  • Staff Platform

    Teachers can certainly reduce the time particularly spent in managing features like an unlimited student database,automated examination evaluation, test scoring, calculation of grades and generation of real time reports, allocating Classwork and Homework through the Ceed System.This will allow more time to students to upgrade there learning competency. The teachers can help the students in completing their Class Work / Homework by using Ceed. Our interactive mobile app will help the teachers to upload daily Class Work / Homework. This will help the parents to regularly monitor the progress of their children's studies.

  • Parent Platform

    Ceed has countless unique features and functionality, which will embrace your handling methodology with one touch digital experiences. It has classified features for different kind of users like Teachers, Students and Administration. Enhancing the management growth with customized dashboard, entities, and modules for each user. Students can update their profile and manage their information through the user-profile. Ceed provides unique dashboard, they can manage all the daily routine through dashboard, they can view the allocated daily Class-work and Home-work allocated by the teacher, and complete their syllabus accordingly, similarly they can also check the exam time-table of different subjects and view the daily notifications from the Recent activity menu.

  • Accounts Platform

    In Finance Management, it refers to the management of a money in such a way that it accomplish the main objectives of the Institute. It is the specialized function directly associated with the top management. The significance of this function is also in the capacity of the 'Staff' in the Institute.

  • Library Platform

    Librarian can view, manage and handle all the items and their details of the library and keep a track of all the books that are issued. The librarian can collect the fine from users which (Students, Teachers and staff) can be charged on late return of the book. The Details of all the books like : author name, edition, price, etc can be stored in the Library Management module in Ceed ERP system.

  • Transportation Platform

    In Ceed interactive mobile app, Admin can track the transportation vehicles. Transportation Allocation : This list will provide the allocation of institute transport vehicles. Admin can assign the different transportation vehicles according to the student's address and destination to pick and drop the students accordingly. The route and destination will show the transportation allocation of the different groups of students living in the same area or in the nearby locations. This feature will help the admin in allocating the transportation efficiently.

  • Store Platform

    Streamline your assessments process with a complete assessment management solution that helps teachers to administer static and adaptive assessments, suited to the individual learning needs of students.