Staff Module

Teachers can update their profile and their current profile photo using the CEED and manage their information through the user-profile.

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  • Academics Management

    Here staff can view all the academic details about a student or aclass respectively. It helps staff to analysis their performance in teaching.

  • Library Management

    The module ensures a quick issue and return policy. It helps Staff to search for the desired book and reserve it if needed.

  • One-Click Assessment Generator

    Here parent can access all the details about the student performance by assessment genertor

  • Admissions Process

    The Admission / Enrollment Process involves lot of activities that contain things like, creating and designing form, provide those forms to the students, selecting the students according to the Institute's criteria, collect payment of fees etc. which may results in errors or delays with affecting the process cost and time. Thus, CEED Education Management provides the feature of Online Admission / Enrollment Process, which will help the Institute in direct and Instant Registration Process.

  • Leave Management

    Leave module simplifies staff to expedites the leave applications and approval process. With the help of this module, each school can have a unique leave policy which can be customised based on department, role and other parameters.

  • Student Management

    Student Management System is capable to handle considerable amount of big student data and provides accurate information. It is built for the common interest of students, also Teachers can guide the students in the Process of Registration and their Admissions. Allocating them Class, Section, Tasks, Assignments and Class Notes, to analyse and Assess the Student Performance.

  • Streamlined Examination and Report Generation

    Any type of examination structure, including the number of terms and assessments for each class, can be easily designed using the CEED ERP. The solution helps schools create their personalised report cards for each student. To keep the parents aware of their ward's academic performances, notifications are sent on a regular basis.

  • Attendance Management

    This component is highly accurate in reporting daily attendance of Students. The Attendance can be marked by different Departments, Class and Section, which can be later analysed or checked by the teachers for any scrutiny or errors.

  • Assignment Management

    Assignment module is a great way of reinforcing what has been taught to a student. It lets the teacher understand where the student is standing and give him or her further inputs. With Ceed ERP, the teachers themselves can make new assignments and then assign them to the students. After the students have completed the assignment, they can submit in the online portal. The respective teacher of each assignment will then crosscheck and verify. After the verification, the students will be awarded marks and grades accordingly. Following are the features of this module.

  • Homeworks

    This module helps staff to provide homeworks for the students.

  • Notice

    This module helps staff to provide notice for the students and view the notices from the admin module.

  • Class Test

    Ceed class test management software is a robust & comprehensive solution to automate, streamline, and manage the class test activities of a school.

  • Online Exam

    Examination times are the busiest for each school. Online exam module eases the task of examination processes in schools. The online examination management system handles crucial operations like defining class-wise examination schemes, grading/passing criteria, paper evaluation, and final report card generation, etc and simplifies the exam-related tasks of faculty.

  • Student Fees

    Here class teacher can view their fees report of their corresponding class which they assigned.

  • Mark list

    Here class teacher can view their mark list of their corresponding class which they assigned.

  • Update Marks

    Here staff can update internal and extrenal marks of each subject they are teaching or assigned.

  • Assessments

    Here staff can assess students.

  • Progress Card

    Here staff can generate progress card.

  • Instant Reports and Analytics

    This feature gives detailed reports on overall student performance based on learning time, assessment scores and ERP data. It offers a comprehensive view of both individual and class performances in real-time and facilitates the creation of personalised report cards by using default templates.